2019 – Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy

We all know the power of social media and their ability to connect. That is why they are essential in promoting your business. Discover the best social media marketing strategy for 2019 right now. (Bonus at the end)

***Before we move on, I would like you to keep in mind that strategies highlighted in this article are not for the one looking to get 100 audiences overnight by spamming about your business, but rather, I would focus on how to slowly build and establish long term relationship and engagement.

1. Research About Your Target Audiences

Fist thing first, you should clearly identify what type of audiences would benefit from your business. Everyone wants to solve his or her problems. That is the main goal of building businesses.

For example, if you have an online relationship consulting service, your target audiences would be people aged between 25-35.

Why am I asking you this? It is because if you choose to go for paid Facebook or Instagram ads campaigns, their process of targeting your ad would depend on your fan base (what type of people you are following, who follows you, who engage with your contents etc.). If you don’t have enough information for them, the ads will not reach audiences who will turn into your customers.

This is also essential because whenever you create contents, you should keep in mind the specific audiences type for your business.

2. Choose The Right Platform

social media marketing strategy

That’s right! Most of us have multiple social media accounts, but little do most of us know that each platform serves different purpose, even though there’s a thin line of boundary separating them.

Let’s check out which social media platform is for which type of business:

  • Facebook – Facebook is actually a multi-purpose social media platform which works well for both service type as well as product type. But works better if you sell products rather than services.
  • Instagram – Instagram, because it’s a pictures sharing platform, it is preferred if your business sells products.
  • Twitter – Twitter, due to it’s limited writing feature, it is best suited for updating small status about your business and connecting with like-minded people. (It’s the first platform for my business).
  • LinkedIn – Everyone knows LinkedIn as a platform for finding work. But little do many people know that it’s actually a very powerful tool to connect with people with business background. This is the most suited platform if you sell services.
  • Pinterest – Due to it’s similarity with Instagram (pictures sharing platform), it’s suited for products type business.

The purpose of listing these out is not to discourage you from using other platform, but rather to focus more on the right one.

I have covered about this question in one of my article here, on what you should do before doing social media marketing. ( Must read for new business )

3. Post The Right Content

In order to become successful in social marketing, content is the king. As you know, millions of content are being posted each day on social media, most of which are irrelevant.

One thing to keep in mind is when you post contents, don’t aim for likes or follows, rather aim for comments (fruitful comments). It requires more effort to give comments than to give a like or to follow. Therefore, if people comment on your content, then you are definitely posting the right thing.

So here comes the question, what and how to post? Well, there are certain techniques you need to incorporate in your contents.

  • Try posting videos as many as possible or use original images rather than stock Google images.
  • Choose content which deeply connected with humanity. Eg. Pictures of group of people smiling, pictures of a baby etc.
  • Don’t just promote your business directly, aim for fun, entertaining contents, which somehow related to your business. That’s the reason why people use social media, isn’t it?
  • Use the right hashtags and try not to repeat them in multiple posts. Try using them as many as possible as they are the one which bring in audiences from outside sources.
  • You don’t have to upload your own contents every time, rather try re-posting others contents and mention them. This will open new connections and possibilities.

Tip: If you want your image content to look like a pro, but you are not a Photoshop geek, use online design tool called Canva. It’s as easy as counting 1-2-3 !

4. Keep Track And Repeat

This point is somewhat same as SEO strategy. Here, when you post your contents, be sure to keep a track on the timing, type of contents, categories of contents and other small details relating to them.

Filter out the one which get you most number of engagements (Here, we aim for comments) and repeat the process by posting similar kind of contents. The process is simply a trial and error and takes time before you master it.

Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule your post on multiple accounts.

5. Be Active And Engage

social media marketing strategy

Social media is all about being active and engagement. Being active doesn’t mean you have to be 24/7 online (just joking, who would?). But be regular. This means have your own schedule and timing of when to post contents, engage with others or simply be online.

When on social media, you should make sure to engage with like-minded people, similar type of businesses or your clients as often as possible. Engagement here means likes, comments (best type of engagement) or follows. People love to get engaged and that’s the reason behind why you and they are on social media.

Reply to comments whenever is possible and when posting, add a small ending line which encourage people to engage back with your contents. For example, prompting them to write feedback after using your products.

6. Contribute

That’s right. Contribute! Contributing here doesn’t mean donating money or products to your followers. The meaning here is to give back something valuable, something worth remembering about you.

It could be a give-away or free services or products in exchange of something. It could also be helping your competitors or like-minded people with your type of business gaining more follows or likes.

To keep it simple, it’s like a karma. You receive back what you give. Trust me, initially I didn’t believe this would work out until I started helping my fellow entrepreneurs. We kept helping each other along the way until we reach our goal. It’s always better to work together than to work alone.


You might be wondering why timing (If you have read the article, you would be wondering) is an essential key to post your contents.

According to the stat, the time which people become most active on social media is 9 am EST, on Monday and Thursday. So you can try to schedule about 10-15 minutes on the following time and day to post your content.

However, it might be differ from person to person, depends on the type of business and timing of their audiences.

Another tip is you should not post your contents each and everyday. Think about it, how would you feel seeing the same type of contents from same person everyday, 2-3 times per day. It would just make you feel bored.

Rather, spend about 2-3 days per week posting your contents, but make sure they are worth waiting for.


And that’s all about social media strategy , tailored specifically for 2019. As mentioned, social media is a powerful tool to connect and reach people. This very reason is why social media is so popular in promoting your business.

At the end, the point really boils down to whether you choose to go for paid (ads) or free method. But either the way, the points mentioned above are all relevant. For social media marketing tools, click here

So have you gained more engagements over the past few weeks after trying the above strategies? Let me know in the comment.

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