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Hi there, my name is Jackie and ranking, driving traffic, and making websites convert using SEO is my passion.

I started my journey in digital marketing as a freelance web developer on Fiverr and my country’s own freelancing platform (Thailand). It was through this work that I discovered about SEO and a whole world of digital marketing.

With my computer science background which makes me always curious about new things, I started learning and practicing SEO by myself (I chose SEO first because it seemed to be the most interesting one) and since then, I never looked back.

This became my passion and I knew exactly what I wanted – to successfully rank as many websites as possible. I began doing SEO and web development services for other small & local business owners and each time I get my hands on a new project, I become more confident in my skill and become more fulfilled – being able to help other business owners grow and thrive their businesses online.

I may not be the best SEO pro in the world, but with my skill, knowledge and obsession with the subject, I can definitely help you reach your goal.

You can learn more about me by visiting my about page.

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Services I Offer

Web Design & Development

Professional SEO-ready responsive web development and design service using WordPress to help getting your business first website.


No matter how good looking your website is, you can't drive organic traffic and revenues online without proper SEO in place

Google Ads

The quickest way to drive traffic and sales is by running Google Ads on Google search. I can help set up an ad campaign for you to help you quickly get the sales you need.

SEO Testimonials & Results

Meet Trevor who was able to generate 100k of traffic every month to his real estate website

Not only was Trevor able to grow the traffic of his real estate website exponentially, but the last time I spoke to him, he also had to double the number of staffs working for his business.

You too, can achieve this massive growth to your business, just like Trevor, if you know the right strategy that works.

Meet Bill who was able to double his monthly revenue in just 3 months after working with me

His Revenue Screenshot (80%+ Increased):

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