7 Best SEO Strategies for 2019 that you can start right now

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Frequently, Google changes it’s search ranking algorithm, which makes it more difficult to rank your site nowadays. But with strategies listed below, I guarantee, you will be able to rank on Google’s front page with minimum work required !

Let’s Get Started. (Bonus at the end)

1. Find Opportunistic Keywords

Let’s understand what are opportunistic keywords. Opportunistic keywords are keywords related to your content. For example, You run a restaurant business, the keywords related would be “Good food”, “Restaurant Near Me”, “Best Restaurant in Chicago” etc.

So the first step here is you have to do some research on keywords related to your business.

Now what type of keywords you would need to search for. There are 3 categories of keywords:

  1. Head – Short, one word keyword. Eg. “Restaurant”
  2. Body – 2-3 words word phrases. Eg. “Best Restaurant”
  3. Long Tail – Descriptive word phrases. Eg. “Best Restaurant in Chicago”

You would want to focus on either body or long tail keywords. The reasons are:

  1. They are easy to rank – Less competition, have more opportunities to modify. Eg. “Best Restaurant”, “Good Restaurant”.
  2. They are normally what people would type in the search box – You would not type “Restaurant” alone to search for restaurant right?

For more details about categories of keywords, click here.

Places to do keywords research:

  • Wikipedia – Type your business name or focus on broad category of it. Then filter out the subheadings. Make them your topics.
  • Quora – As you know, people come to Quora everyday to ask questions. Search for potential questions related to your business.
  • Google Auto Correct – When you search for something, Google suggests remaining phrases for you.

2. Narrow Down Your Keywords

After you have got some keywords, it’s time to choose only those keywords which has optimum search volume per month and high cost per click. 

(Secret for SEO Strategies)

Now, what is optimum search volume per month and cost per click.

Optimum search volume per month is the number of searches make, roughly for a particular keyword, per month. Now, why we need to focus on “Optimum” volume, not high?

Well, this is because of competitions. You would not want to compete with a keyword which has something like 220,000 searches per month. The goal is not to rank first in Google, but on first page. Because It would take years for your website to compete with some well established sites, which have been existing for many number of years with high authority( Don’t worry, you will understand what is website authority on the 7th point).

Cost per Click (CPC) is the amount of money, an advertiser willing to pay for a particular keyword ( This is used when bidding for keywords in Google AdWord or advertising). If an advertiser willing to pay high amount, means your keyword is valuable.

Tools to Narrow Down Keywords:

Once you have narrowed down the keywords, choose the best keyword, from each topics which has the best search volume per month and CPC, and make it as your target keyword. Your chosen keywords will be the centerpieces of your content.

3. Create A Catchy Heading

best seo strategies

As you can see above, These are the top 3 search results from “Best restaurants in Chicago”. A heading is termed as”catchy” if it can hook readers to click. It is the first thing people notice on search result.

Good headings often start with numbers, current year or trends (here it is 2019) some strong adjectives like “Best”, “Amazing” etc. or headings which create a sense of urgency like “Now”.

For more information on how to create good headings and persuade people, check out my how to influence people in business.

4. Develop On Page SEO

On Page SEO refers to various factors on your website. This includes technical set-up – the quality of your code – textual and visual content and user-friendliness of your site .

It is what you can have control over. There are basically 2 categories of SEO, i.e On page and Off page SEO. Off page SEO refers to links from other websites, social media attention and other marketing activities outside your own website.

For how to develop On Page SEO, check out my complete on page SEO for beginners.

5. Optimize Your Site For User And Search Engine

SEO process is all about continuous optimization and improvement.

After you have created your content and your site is published, make sure these 3 points are covered:

  1. Your site has Meta Description
  2. Your site is mobile optimized – adjust to different screen size
  3. Your site has good mobile test speed – test at google page speed insights

As of the new Google ranking algorithm (Penguin Algorithm), Google declared that it will give more preferences to site which is optimized for mobile.

6. Track The Page

best seo strategies

Your site needs to be constantly monitored and tracked, which I mentioned in the 5th point, SEO is a continuous process.

The best tool used to keep track of your website is Google Analytics. I think it’s the best tool to monitor a website (You can comment below if you find any tool better than this). Due to it’s simplicity to use and functionalities, You get the in depth information about your site’s visitors, source where they found you, location, active users and much more. To learn how to use Google Analytics, click here.

7.  Build Links

Links building is one of the most important factor in SEO strategies. This strategy is called back linking.

Why so? Think about it. If there are many websites (higher the authority, better the ranking) link to your page, this will give search engine the impression that your site is important and that it should get higher ranking.

Tools to analyze site’s authority and back links:For site’s authority:

  • Moz – If you use Google Chrome, there is a free extension.

For back links:

  • Ahrefs – comes with a 7 days free trial.

However, one thing to keep in mind for SEO beginners is that you cannot just randomly paste your site’s link on every sites which allow you to add your contents like Quora or spam it on social media.

This is because there are basically 2 types of sites, i.e “do-follow” or “no-follow”You would make sure that your site should get linked from a “do- follow” site. Social media and content sharing sites are considered as “no-follow”.

8. Bonus Tip

This is a tip on how to get people link to your website.

  1. Reach out
    whenever you create any content, make sure you have some information link to other site/page and after that you can email the owner of that site saying how much you love his content and how you would want him to check out your site. If you have valuable information, I am sure you will get linked back.
  2. Research on your competitors
    use tool like Ahrefs mentioned above to find where are your competitors site getting linked from. Then you can reach out to that particular site’s owners and ask them to check your contents out.


So that’s all about easy best SEO strategies that you can start right now. As mentioned in the article, the process is continuous and needs to be refined frequently.

You need to adapt and get updated with the ranking algorithms as they change every year or so, as so with the strategies. For local business SEO, the strategies are similar but there are things which you should take into consideration.

Also, keep in mind that SEO is not a one day process. It usually takes about 3 to 6 months before your site shows up in the front page of Google. Till that time, try to optimize and put out as many contents as possible.

For complete SEO checklist, check out here

After you have tried the strategies listed above, let me know about the result in the comment below.

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