How To Influence People: Tricks To Win Business

how to influence people

Do you want to stay above your competitors and win your business? Techjackie welcome you to the special article on how to influence people and create an influential brand.

These tricks work well on both online and offline business. No matter how big or small your business is, I’m sure, you will see a massive growth in your business within 3 month! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fundamentals Of Influencing

Influence is the power and the ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions, or thinking. Basically it means to get people react the way you desire (Kinda like mind controlling).

According to Center For Creative Leadership, Influencing tactics fall into 3 categories as follows:

  1. Logical appeals tap into people’s rational and intellectual positions. You present an argument for the best choice of action based on organizational benefits, personal benefits, or both.
  2. Emotional appeals connect your message, goal, or project to individual goals and values.
  3. Cooperative appeals involve collaboration (what will you do together?), consultation (what ideas do other people have?), and alliances (who already supports you or has the credibility you need?).

Whenever you want to influence people, try to incorporate these 3 categories into whatever your mediums of persuasion is.

To help you, The below are some tricks which you can use to enhance your techniques on influencing people.

1. Think Like A Consumer

You probably have heard, Put yourself in their shoes. This word definitely apply well to any kind of your business. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. said that one of his secret to success is to look at his products from the consumer perspective.

Analyze what your business’s goal and vision is. Before creating any products, services or start advertising, do some research on the market. Conduct surveys and understand what your consumers and target audiences truly want. Dive deep into each and every aspects of your products or services and ask yourself a question,

“If I were the customer for this product,

  • Why I should buy it,
  • How will it benefit me,
  • Is it complicate to use and
  • Why should I choose this product over the competitors’

If you can come up with genuine answers to the above questions, I’m sure, you will be able to sky-rocket your sales.

2. Create Effective Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. 

how to influence people
Ideal Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is basically a detailed market research about your group of target audiences or individuals. This will help you analyze which direction to go in your business regarding creation of contents.

For further details on how to create a successful buyer persona, click here.

3. Produce Emotional Contents

Even though this trick exist as a category on how to influence people, the trick itself is worth mention as a separate heading.

More than 40% of all the posts on social media that go viral, have deep sense of emotional connections either to man kind or living beings. For example, have you ever noticed why pictures of companies or organizations team members during Christmas time receive more likes and shares? That’s the reason.

4. Use Attractive Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words“, another English Language idiom that applies very well on creating effective contents.

Studies have shown that effective social media posts that receive more engagement rate is either images or videos based content. When you advertise your business, pictures and videos are much likely to catch your audiences’ attention than colorful text based content.

For picture based content, use soft tone background color as a way to project your main content. Include images of your team members or testimonials which can help boost consumers’ confident. Highlight out some key points of your products or services in a list format.

For video based content, first highlight out the problems, then comes how your service or products can help solve that problem. Lastly, create a sense of urgency. Something like, “Limited offer for first 20 calls”. If you can incorporate some emotional connection into the video, that would definitely help boosting it.

5. Build Engaging Interface

Trust me. this is one of the secret on how to influence people effectively. If you observe most of advertising campaign, this feature is mostly absent.

By making your interface (Ads campaign, presentation, posts etc.), you make sure that your audiences are at the same wavelength of what you are trying to persuade. This also help you in researching about your market, creating buyer persona and build personal connections.

By engaging, i mean any actions your audiences produce in response to your call-to-action. For example, an ads which prompt user to make a call for limited offer of products or blog post which in the end, ask readers to leave comments regarding the topic.

6. Keep In Touch With Your Audiences

how to influence people

This trick applies indirectly on how to influence people in your business. By keeping in touch with your audiences, you tend to create a last long impressions which build trust and ultimately win you your business.

This process takes time but worth the wait. It is helpful in both creating trust and researching your audiences individually. One way to create good impression is to send personalized email to your client. If you want to know more about how to boost your sales with email marketing, click here.

7. Contribute

Another secret which can create a huge difference if you want to influence people in your business. Again, this doesn’t apply directly but it’s something worth doing.

By contributing here, I mean helping people who may or may not be related to your business. Here, as the previous point, the idea is to gain trust. Imagine how would the person you would want to influence feel if he or she knows that your organization is a part of charity community. Again, it has nothing related to your business whatsoever, but this help create good impression.


According to psychological study on how to influence people, one of the technique which proves to be highly effective is flattery technique.

Flattery advertising is simply using flattery to try to sell a good or service. The concept can take many different forms but typical follows a flattery lead into a sale offer.

For example, an ad in a magazine may flatter the reader with their taste in choosing that particular magazine (they clearly have excellent fashion sense, political leanings, economic interests or fascinating hobbies) and then suggest that, as such a discerning person, they should also be interested in the product the business is trying to sell.


And that’s all for the special article on how to influence people and grow your business. The tricks above apply to all type of businesses and not just online marketing.

Advertising and creating contents are fundamental of every business and ability to influence target audiences is the key to win business. The main idea here is generate trust. Without trust, there is no business. That’s why, the tricks highlighted above contain both direct and indirect way to influence people.

Make sure you apply each and every steps highlighted above and I’m sure, you will grow your business in multiple folds.

Let me know in the comment whether you are able to stand out from your competitors by using methods highlighted above.

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