SEO Avalanche: Technique That Proves Backlinks Aren’t Important

SEO Avalanche technique, a concept or SEO strategy that utilizes “Google’s natural traffic tier” to slowly expands and increase your site’s traffic, rankings and ultimately authority naturally with minimum to no use of “boost factors” or backlinks.

In this article, I’ll guide you through what is SEO Avalanche and how you can use this to grow your website consistently and make it algorithm-proof.

The Idea Behind The Strategy

The concept of avalanche technique or traffic tiers came from a post by SEO Chris Carter on what he calls the ‘SEO Avalanche Technique’. In the post, he suggests that Google ranks websites for different keywords based on where your site is placed in a traffic tier. The higher the search volume, the more difficult it generally is to rank for, hence the higher your site must be placed in the traffic tier table, as shown below:

According to Chris, all websites live somewhere in the table shown above. For example, when you’re starting a new website, you’re currently getting 0-10 visitor per day in a month. Therefore, you’re currently in the level-0 as shown in the table, where each level number indicates the search volume you can rank for and should try to optimize for.

As you increase the daily visitor per month, you move on to the next tier, hence you continue to climb up the ladder and can start ranking for higher volume keywords.

Why Does This Work?

The reasons why this SEO strategy works so well is because of 4 reasons:

  1. Topical relevance
  2. Trust
  3. Algorithm-proof
  4. Adhere to Google’s guidelines.

Let me explain further.

In order to continue climbing up the traffic tier ladder, you’ll need to continuously create content that is relevant to the topic hence, this builds up your overall site’s topic authority.

And as you get more organic traffic, you get more user signals and engagement, and if you have done your job well in capturing the visitors, you will increase your overall trust in Google’s eye.

When it comes to Google algorithm update, even if your site gets hit, you will lose some traffic and theoretically, you will fall down the traffic tier ladder. But since you’ve already had content in the tier below to support you, you won’t lose a lot of traffic and income.

Lastly, the Avalanche technique doesn’t rely on backlinks (although you can build links, which I’ll discuss later), you’re not really breaking Google’s guidelines.

Hence, these are the 4 beautiful reasons why the technique works so well and the effect continues to compound over time as your authority grows.

How To Execute This Technique

The 4 steps to execute the strategy are as follows:

1. Find out your current site traffic

The first step is to login to your Google Analytics or whatever platform you’re using to check your current daily traffic in the last 30 days in order to identify which tier you’re in. You can take the average of the last 30 days or just look at the lowest and the highest within the month to determine.

2. Do proper keyword research

Next, start doing the keyword research to look for keywords that fall within your tier. You can check your competitors for keywords they’re already rank for or use Google autocomplete/related search to look for inspiration. To stand an even better chance of this working, it might be a good idea to work one tier below your current one to begin.

3. Create optimized content

After the keywords have been selected, next is to start creating high-quality, optimized content. Make sure to follow proper on-page strategies such as having main keywords in the title and H1, in the body of the content, and the URL. Use tools like Surfer SEO or any on-page SEO tools to add related entities to the content.

4. Rinse and repeat the process

Once you start getting more traffic, you can move on to the next tier, hence rinse and repeat step 1-3.

How To Climb To The Next Tier Faster

As you can see from the information above, it takes time to gradually climb up the tier ladder and eventually start targeting your site for more competitive keywords. However, you can speed things up by using what is called as “boost factors” or in another word, backlinks.

By building backlinks from time to time while also executing this process can help you skip the tier and rank things faster. However, keep in mind that you will get a boost by using backlinks, but the boost can be taken away as well, as backlink is one of the most safeguarded and manipulated factor when it comes to ranking in search engine.


And there you have it on how to grow your site’s authority naturally and build a solid foundation for your website against any algorithm update. Yes, backlinks are still an important ranking factor, but by using the SEO Avalanche, you can rank with little to know backlinks consistently.

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