Food Delivery SEO Case Study: 137% Increase In Clicks On Google

This is an SEO case study of how I helped this national clean food delivery company increase organic clicks by more than 137% on Google search and took the company to a new growth after just 5 sessions of my SEO coaching service.

Like any other of my case studies, I won’t reveal the website and keywords for security and privacy reasons. But in this article, you will find some of my overview process of how I went about achieving the results along with various screenshots proof.

Project Background

The client runs a small clean food delivery company (which is a sub-niche of food delivery) in Thailand and his main source of traffic before doing proper SEO was Google Ads. He approached me intending to improve the organic rankings of his main keywords, drive more traffic and generate more brand awareness on Google nationally to help support the increase in Google Ads CPC costs.


The project faces a couple of challenges as follows:

  • Well-established competitors – There were already a couple of well-established brands ranking on the first page of Google for the keywords the client wanted to dominate.
  • Strong national directories – Besides other brands dominating, there are some huge, authoritative web directories already ranking for the keywords, which outranking them would require a lot of work.

The Campaign

Here are the overviews of how I approached the campaign:

Technical Optimization

The first step of the process was to dial in the technical aspects of the website. Since the client’s site uses Elementor Pro and a lot of aspects were un-optimized, page speed and code bloat were the main issues.

So I trained the client on the fundamentals of technical SEO and advised him on how to optimize the technical aspects such as speed, code structure, site structure etc. The client collaborated with his dev team to accomplish this.

On-Page Optimization

After the technical aspects were optimized, next we focused on advanced on-page optimization, which includes the following things:

  • Heading (h1,h2 & h3) optimization using NLP and density method
  • Page structure optimization and addition of sub-topics:

    By structuring the page in such a way that there are logical connections from one section to another. For example, I started the page with an introduction to the service and company, followed by the food delivery services provided, then reasons to hire the company, etc. All these subtopics are important for service pages as they answer the questions related to the intent using the NLP technique.
  • Sentence-level optimization using semantically relevant keywords:

    By making sure that each sentence is properly optimized using semantically relevant keywords based on reverse engineering the competitors and using a proprietary tool that I created. You can use on-page tools like Surfer-SEO to help with the process.
  • Internal links:

    Make sure every other page on the website is internally linked up to the main page to form a semantic connection for the overall topic on the website. For the anchor text, I mainly used the exact match keyword and the partial-matched keyword.
  • URL optimization
  • Keyword count and variation optimization:

    Making sure that I have used the right frequency of each keyword on the page. For example, for the word “delivery”, I made sure to check the competitors’ average and see how many times I should use this word. You can again, use tools like Surfer SEO, but there’s really no hard rule for this. I’d like to keep it a little lower than the average to avoid over-optimization.
  • Subtopic coverage:

    For each content, I make sure to cover as many subtopics as possible. This includes using my own tool and looking at the SERP for guidelines.
  • Location page creation & optimization

    Since the client focuses on food delivery across main cities in Thailand, we also created a bunch of location pages that are properly optimized and internal links to capture additional traffic.
  • Design refinement and connection

    One thing I’ve also done while designing the website was to make sure the design elements on the page are properly refined that they are consistent in the flow and that all the sections and areas are connected without breaking the semantic connection from one area to another.

Off-Page Optimization

Once the on-page of the site is ready, the next thing is to start looking into off-page factors.

Since the client already had a couple of good links and a bit of brand reputation, off-page optimization became much easier.

So mainly we focused on building a bunch of high-quality guest posts, some powerful PBN links as tier-2 using specific techniques and tactics to ensure maximum relevance and power and hyper-focused.


Here is the graph from the Google Search Console:

The client has achieved top 3 rankings for many of his service keywords, and increased the organic traffic by more than 137% after taking the coaching program:

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