[Case Study] How I Helped This Local CBD Site Quickly Grew New Site Traffic

This is a case study on how I helped my client in the local CBD e-commerce niche quickly grew his new website’s traffic in just 4.5 months after the launch of his new website through my SEO monthly service.

Just like any other of my case studies, I’m not going to reveal the website and keywords due to security and privacy reasons. But in this article, you will find some of my overview process of how I went about achieving the results along with various screenshots proof.

Project Background

The client runs an e-commerce website built using “BentoWeb”, which is one of the famous e-commerce site building platforms here in Thailand. He operates in the CBD space which has quickly become one of the most competitive niches in Thailand due to the increase in demand of the products.

The goal of the project was to have me handle the initial 3-4 months of SEO service to quickly increase the traffic and rankings and the client would take it from there to do the rest of the work once I trained his team on how to proper SEO. So it was a combination of both SEO service and training.

The website has over 200 products and the main target was to rank for some of the key product categories and pages. The website was first indexed around the 16th of April, 2022. So it’s a fairly new website at the time of writing this article.


The two major challenges faced in this project are

  1. The niche is quite a competitive one, just like the CBD niche in any other country due to the huge cashflows in the market.
  2. The website platform isn’t very flexible, so some aspects of technical SEO couldn’t be implemented.

The Campaign

Here are the overviews of how I approached the campaign:

After doing some competitor research, it was confirmed that the niche is quite a competitive one. Moreover, since Google’s understanding of foreign languages like in this case, Thai, isn’t as advanced as English, I knew exactly that off-page factors are going to be more important. But nevertheless, making sure the technical and on-page aspects are dialed in is also important.

Technical SEO

I started the campaign by making sure that every technical aspect that I could control are in place. This includes things such as:

  • Make sure the website builder already had canonical tags in place
  • Set up the robots.txt file properly
  • Delete all the tags to help free up the crawl budget
  • Make sure all the important pages and categories are easily accessible in the menu and navigation areas.

On-Page SEO

When it comes to e-commerce SEO, the main pages to be optimized are the category pages in most cases. But sometimes, product pages are also important. This depends on the intent.

Some of the things I did are:

  • Research all the necessary keywords and group them together to optimize each page.
  • Focus on the key products and categories and go heavy on the semantic on-page optimization
  • Create some blog content and use them to link to the key pages to help build topical relevance for those keyword clusters.
  • Entity connection establishment

Off-Page SEO

When it comes to off-page for this site, the 2 main things that I did are:

  • Build brands around the website and implement user signal optimization
  • Build some high-quality PBN links to help power up the home page
  • Did a press release to quickly get the site out of the sandbox.

Technical and on-page aspects were quickly implemented and the remaining process was focused on feeding the site with as many positive user signals as possible and in the process, building some links along the way.


Here are the screenshots taken from Search Console after just 4.5 months of start working on the site (the site was first indexed in April)

The overall stats:

Some keyword rankings:

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